Monday, April 1, 2013

A Little Needle Book...

has been a recent focus over the past month or so. I had  a nice little piece cotton that I batik waxed and dyed  over the summer that I have been coveting and have finally put to use.

I layered it over  a piece of hand dyed and frayed indigo - using that double layer for the cover.

For the needle pages, I used some beautiful boiled teal and dusty blue wool.  Inside the front cover is a little pocket with a ceramic blue button.  The pocket will hold my small scissors.

The cover button is some kind of stone. I found it when I was visiting Asheville for a workshop a few months ago.  It is really beautiful with all of its imperfections.

In contemplating personal symbols for Jude's workshop, I realize that leaves hold a deep personal meaning for me.  They are in all of my work.  Even here.

I don't very often make things for myself, but I do just love this.
Final thought: Early this morning while I was outside quietly taking in the beauty accompanying the emergence of Spring - Gizmo was basking in the early morning sun and rolling in the dew.

A glorious day in North Carolina.


3rdEyeMuse said...

what a lovely post to return to - all of the elements are so lovely :)

Karen Christensen said...

This is a beautiful and functional work of art!

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