Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You Can Take the Girl Out of Cleveland....

....But You Can't Take
Cleveland Out of the Girl.

An Ohio State militia originally formed to protect citizens
against crime, later played an important role in the Civil War.

The Terminal Tower (Union Tower) - k/n/a Tower City
Completed in 1930 as a central to the railway service, 
Terminal Tower was and still is Cleveland'  landmark and the jewel of Public Square.

The Old Stone Church (1855) - nestled between skyscrapers
is a spectacular site at sundown.

My Grandmother (Wanda Matilda) was married here in the 1940's.

The Renaissance Hotel - where I stay during my visits to Cleveland...
Formerly known as Hotel Cleveland and built in 1918
was and still is a beautiful tribute to the old fashioned class and sophistication
that Cleveland was known for.  

                                                 Woodland Cemetery (dedicated in 1853)
is where many of my Haas ancestors (Charlote Haas) are buried.
Once a beautiful rural cemetery where Gothic gates, pathways and fountains adorned the landscape,
now is a very sad and lonely place where not a flower nor wreath lay for the souls buried there.
Blaise and I spent hours walking through this cemetery.
I need to talk about this in greater detail and will create a dedicate post for it in a few days.

Cleveland is a special place.
It really is.  It's vibrant,
and resilient and full of life.

Clevelanders are special.
They are honest, loyal, hardworking
and proud.

It may be time
to look for a place,
in Cleveland....

on Lake Erie.

It may be time....
to go home.

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Lynn Cohen said...

Hi, it's been a while since I visited last. Fun photos of these spots of interest!!!

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