Monday, September 16, 2013

Half Mountain Girl.... Half Ocean Girl....

I hate that about myself.
I am never satisfied.
When I'm in the mountains - 
I long for the ocean.

When I'm at the ocean...
I long for the mountains.

I guess THAT is why I gravitate every year out to Montana, or Wyoming, or Colorado --  and somehow or other, eventually end up in Florida, in the Keys, or in Ft. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach.  

And I know - THAT is why I chose North Carolina to live.  Depending upon my mood, I can be in the mountains  or in the ocean in just a bit more than two hours. 

But holy crap - in Maine I can stand in one spot and have my feet in the ocean and my eyes on the mountains. 

Or, I can have my feet on the mountains and my eyes on the ocean.  I did THAT today.  First one - then the other.  

For the first time in my life 
I am exposed to mountains
and rocky cliffs that 
drop into the ocean.

Both halves of me
are satisfied.


 I am collecting the most amazing plant material, branches, nuts, seed pods, and vegetation for dyeing.  

1 comment:

Nancy said...

This is me too :) That's what so great about SoCal...beach, mountains and desert too!

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