Saturday, September 7, 2013


In honor of the waining days of summer....

A watercolor painting I did a few years back

A thread painting over acrylic I did last year,

And a recent neocolor painting with
threadwork I'm working on right now.

I've always loved sunflowers.
My mom  never cared for them.

She said when she was a little girl living in Mantua, OH
they used to plant sunflowers all around the outhouse to hide it.
So every time she would see sunflowers, she would think of that old outhouse.

Isn't it funny that every time I see sunflowers, I think of that outhouse? 
And of my mom?

 I really love her.  
I really miss her. 

So much. 


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Beautiful sunflower art. My M-I-L who was an avid flower gardner with the greenest thumb ever hated sunflowers. I never understood why.

Cathie said...

Isn;t that funny! Can't imagine anyone not loving sunflowers!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Like the look of that last one - some nice memories here, even if they are about outhouses!

My own thing about sunflowers, not being a big fan, goes back to my childhood too. The ones I was exposed to were the giant ones, so big that they reminded me of the man-eating plants in a science fiction movie and thus I was a little afraid of them. I've since learned sunflowers come in all sizes and I rather like the smaller ones.

Teresa said...

I don't think it is just because I am from Kansas that I love sunflowers. Sunflowers around the outhouse sound absolutely lovely. Grandma had a vine on a trellis on the west side. I think for shade as well as a lovely cover.

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