Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A White Christmas...... (almost)

Had the most magical time in Cleveland with my man.

Didn't do much, really.
Just walked.

 And talked.

And revisited a few important places.

It snowed the day of our arrival.
And it snowed the most beautiful large, fluffy
flakes for 24 hours before we left.

I could not stop watching it.
Taking it all in - as if trying to
memorize every flake.

The sight of it.
The quiet of it.
The peace of it.
Oh how I've missed it.

Today though... it's back to my "now" home.
Meet with my trainer.
Wrap gifts.
Etc, etc., etc.

THIS is a good home.... too.  
I think they are glad to see me.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well - that little clip with the carriage is magical! Glad you had such a perfect visit.

Ophelia said...

So happy that it snowed just for you and that you enjoyed your visit....Very happy that you decided to return to your now home!!

Sweetpea said...

We recently had the magic of *first snow* too ... something pretty special about that. Those sure are a couple of very cute woofies!

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