Sunday, January 26, 2014

Max Needs a Home….. Rescue Doggy


was wandering the streets
four months ago. 

Barely a year old…
 he was hungry, cold, scared.

My sweet son rescued him several months ago.
He brought him home.

Since then Max has been
nursed back to health.

He hasgotten all of his shots.
He has been neutered.

Sweet Max went from being a cold scared, starving pup
to a sweet, playful ball of LOVE.
So appreciative.  So special.

He plays with Toby and Gizmo
and he plays with Daisy and Harley.
He loves to be held (yes he LOVES TO BE HELD!)
He sits on Sal's lap - with his head on Sal's shoulder.
Not budging.  Not moving a muscle.
So happy to be loved.

Sal has two dogs.  We have two dogs.
We would love to see THIS PRECIOUS GUY
go to a home where someone will
love him, play with him and take extra good care of him.

If you or someone you know has a hole in their life
that THIS GUY can fill…
send me an e-mail.

We can get together, and see if Max likes you.
And if Max likes you…. 
CHANCES are…..we will like you.

He is a beautiful brindle 
with a gorgeous coat, gentle eyes, the sweetest disposition, 
and a kind, gentle, loving nature.

We both want him so badly, 
but with two dogs each it is just too much.

Max deserves 
a loving, fun home.

Is it Yours???

Do you have room in your life for Max?
He so wants (and deserves) a family of his own.

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