Monday, July 28, 2014

A Rainy Sunday.....

House is spotless....

Yard work done.  And while that feels pretty good, I need to keep busy.
Keep my mind off 'stuff.'

Perfect day to paint and dye some silk noile and linen for a project I'm working on.

Using Cleanline resist, flour paste and stencils I've got tables full of stuff drying.
The flour paste takes a while to dry if it's not out in the sun, so I think I'll let it sit overnight.

In the meantime I'm mixing a bucket of indigo and a few jars of natural dyes I bought at Maiwa in Vancouver when I was there in May. 

Can't wait until this stuff dries.

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Piquing my interest here. I too can't wait!

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