Sunday, December 14, 2014

a personal symbols cloth…

taking advantage of a bit of downtime
 to work quietly on this during our long trip to Iowa.

it is coming along.

a few tiny leaves added 
via a breath of autumnal inspiration from Spirit Cloth.

a careful addition of  treasured 
eco dyed bits from last summer
is a possibility.

a bit of tweaking here, and there,
bringing up memories from 
the last year.

focused on mending  
broken heart from last August,

and reminiscing over
a magical journey

…wondering if things can 
ever - be the same.

A work in progress - yet it makes me happy to look at it, to hold it.

I think perhaps a "drop of jupiter,"  or the addition of a bit of "desperado" may be in order -  embroidered in white, fading into the background - adding depth and texture - might be nice.

Yes.  I do think so.


Dana said...

Cathie, this cloth is wonderful!! Show more!

Chip Butter said...

Enjoyed being here, admiring your oh-so-wonderful stitches!

Anonymous said...

Loving how your personal symbols cloth is coming along Cathie, looks wonderful and I can just imagine the 'feel'.

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