Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just A Little Gift.....

At a loss for any new work to post in the last few days -- here is a little bookmark I made for a friend as a gift. She took a pretty good picture of it -- so I decided to post it. I MUST get one of those lenses (macro lense) for my Canon EOS.


Vicki W said...

It may be little but is a very sweet and thoughtful gift!

Diane said...

Gosh, that's an amazingly beautiful and creative bookmark. Lucky friend!

Diane, Sand to Glass
Dogs Naturally

ANDREA said...

Hello Cathie, I am so glad to be the lucky friend!
The bookmark is on my shelf right in front of my eyes above my working table! I just love it and look at it each day, as well as on at "the sun" which is on the same shelf! Lots of love to you and thanks for your comment on my "indian" textile designs:)
have a great weekend

tammy lang said...

beautiful job cathie
great colors-and a lucky friend :D

Wurzerl said...

Hi Cathie, thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting on it.
I know the beautiful bookmark from Andreas blog. Now I see who did work it, it' s really a wonderful gift.
Sorry, but my English isn' t good. I try to be better one day.
Have a good week
Wurzerl from Munich, Germany

Nikki said...

Beautiful bookmark. I love the colors and the reminders to create and laugh. Plus I've found a new blog to explore in all my free time.

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