Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Know, I know....

Nothing new in almost a week. I've been regrouping (and shopping!) I've got 7 things in the works right now and had to do some planning, sketching and preparing -- which doesn't always make for the best content or photographs. But -- here are some photographs of my "purchasing" trip to perk your interest. Most of these fabrics are Island Batiks, with a few Kaffee Fassett and Modas thrown in for fun. The batiks are just gorgeous !
Oh and -- if you see your name on this list (other than Leslie because her fabric is not pictured here) chances are -- you may get a glimpse of your present in it's "BEFORE" stage!!!
Here's what's in the works:

1. Sonoma Valley Art quilt for my lovely sister in law, Leslie - fabric has been purchased, washed, ironed and ready to go. Ovesized copies made and now I'm sketching and making templates for the design elements;

2. My Iris slice - The background has been painted and flower pieces have been cut out. I'm now ready to affix the flowers and begin painting in details with Tsukineko ink and acrylic paint;

3. Wurzerl's (Renate) Echanacea - sketching and designing in process;
4. Wild Girl's trade - fabric purchased today and is in process of being painted, stamped, etc.
5. Sabrina's dress for the art show - silk dupioni tapastry print this time

6. Aunt Nancy's birthday present (the details of which I cannot disclose because she visits here)

7. A surprise for a friend - fabric purchased today and is being painted and cut - and (the details of which I cannot disclose because she visits often!!)

Here's what needs to be in the works -- soon:
1. Sabrina's art teacher's "Pop Art" tote bag;
2. MIL's 80th birthday present;
3. Sal's "Ocean" duvet cover

(FYI - All of the fabric above was purchased at my favorite local quilt shop - Wish Upon a Quilt. AND, lucky you -- for those who don't live in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area -- they have an internet store with 100's maybe even 1000's of bolts of fabric. Here's the link: Wish Upon A Quilt)


Vicki W said...

WUAQ is one of my favorite internet stores! I hope to visit the real store some day. Are you going to be at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton later this month?

Nikki said...

It looks like you have been having a lot of fun! And have a lot on your plate coming up. I look forward to seeing how the projects progress.

Nellie's Needles said...

I found you through a comment you left for Vicki. I've enjoyed reading through a lot of your postings and seeing your work.

I see you are also a member of Fiber Arts/Mixed Media. Your "button" didn't work for me and I couldn't find you in the members list. I'd like to invite you to be "a friend" on my list.

ANDREA said...

oh whow, how do you manage all this? I love the fabrics and am looking forward to what you will be creating with those. I'm sure we will se lovely, coloured things. And another dress, can't wait to see the fabric of this one.
PS thanks so much for your comment on Miss Doodle, I just love that everybody seems to love her:)
have a wonderful Saturday

ANDREA said...

PS: forgot to say that I love the photo of your mom and dad, they look like filmstars! And your brother looks nice too.

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