Sunday, January 6, 2008

This Dog has NO Pride....

I have been furiously working on my "slice" of the fractured art quilt most of the day. But I NEVER work alone. As always I had company - for both Gizmo and Tobie have quilts they lounge on in our little studio (as the floor is painted cement - it's coooold!). Anyway, when I reached down to give Gizmo a pet on the head (as he usually cuddles right by my feet under my worktable), I came to find that he had moved to just outside the studio door onto the rug -- to -- umm -- stretch out. Guess he could use a wee lesson in modesty! He is such a character. Needless to say Gizmo holds a HUGE piece of my heart prisoner!!


tammy said...

gizmo sure looks comfy in his pose :)what a sweetheart!!
my cats love to lay like that too no shame here either!!
-or curled together into a ball when its cold
have a great day :)

ANDREA said...

Cathy, I'm sitting here catching up with your blogposts and I'm laughing loud about the position of Gizmo...He is just cute!

clevelandgirlie said...

Hey lays like Oscar, doesn't he!!! We need to get those two together -- I do believe they are soulmates!

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