Friday, January 18, 2008

Yeah - it's Friday!!!!!

Meet Eddie.... The picture to the right is my newest toy that my dad sent me last week. It's the coolest data collector/thermometer (named Eddie after my dad - NOT the company that markets it!) Eddie comes with a sensor that is mounted outside on the house which transmits data to this little device that makes him change his clothes according to the weather. As you can see -- it was 28 degrees when I took the picture so Eddie is fully dressed in his winter clothes with winter precipitation depicted. Now in Florida my dad's device (he has one too!) has Eddie all but naked (he's in his little beach shorts) with a sun shining above. Eddie has many accessories - an umbrella, a beach chair, a snowman and every morning we (Sabrina and I) rush to see what Eddie is wearing to see if it's going to snow!! I LOVE him! (Thanks so much daddy. I know you got tired of me trying to steal yours!!! )

Anyway - it's been a busy week. Haven't had a chance to do much of anything FUN except work and chores. I am looking forward to finishing up with the aforementioned (work and chores!) and getting my hands dirty in SOMETHING this weekend. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow (we'll see!) and if so that will entail some playing outside -- but aside from that , it looks like it's going to be a good weekend to grab a yummy soy latte, work on Sabrina's dress, maybe do a little painting with my new Tsukineiko inks, finnish up the book I'm reading (Mayflower), start Leslie's art quilt and cuddle with anyone who will have me -- probably Gizmo!

Have a great weekend -- find a creative (!) way to stay warm -- and check back for progress pics over the weekend!!


verobirdie said...

Oh, Eddie is really cute. I understand you tried to steal it from your father :-)

StegArt said...

If Eddie was living here this morning he'd be shivering and jumping up and down to stay was 9 below zero. LOL! I have a device like this too, but not as fun.

Nikki said...

I really need an Eddie! If only I didn't already have so many art related items on the wish list.

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