Sunday, March 23, 2008

Did some Painting & Stitching this Weekend....

I painted and dyed some cheesecloth and linen this past week. I love working with cheesecloth -- it's airy properties make it fun to experiment with layering. Here are two 6 x 6 pieces I worked on this weekend using dyed cheesecloth, linen, wire mesh, hand embossed copper shim and some copper foil I had laying around. I free-motion stitched with copper and purple metallic thread and embellished them with Swavroski Crystal, amethyst stones and glass beads.

One of these I'm going to use as a giveaway and one is promised to someone already. I love working with 6x6.


crooked heart art~tammy said...

beautiful work cathie-
i love the use of copper it has to be one of my fav elements:)

Fannie said...

Thank you, Cathie. I just received this BEAUTIFUL TREASURE! So many different techniques in this piece. Many are new to me. I cherish it. It will be framed and will hang in my office among my favorite art pieces.

Mahalo--Thank You!

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