Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dreaming Again......

#9 Dream

Lennon contemplation of "cycles" continues.
the leaves are changing, the wind is picking up and the cold air has been settling in. i have had an incredible surge in creative energy lately. ideas aren't just coagulating inside my head they are manifesting themselves in fabric, paint and fibers. wierd.

i feel particularly energized right now to take off in a new direction. i find myself rebelling against "straight lines," grids and evenly spaced stitches. i am letting my mind and my hands wander in different directions - leaving the familiar in the past. venturing into the land of trial and error. no fear of failure.

(this piece is a 10x10 art quilt done with black and white batiks, and printed using the vintage wooden letters my friend Lisa sent to me. the letters are printed in acrylic paint on white canvas and stitched onto hot pink silk dupioni. The center of the eye is one of the art squares I was sent by Monica. This is actually the "reverse" side of my 10x10 made with the leftover Love Squared art squares. the front will be revealed shortly.)


art spirit said...

Hi Cathie, love your blog! Music too!
To answer your questions..I learned to needle felt at an Art Retreat..that class was a needle felted shrine class and so much fun! Teacher was Keely Barham a wonderful fiber artist and teacher. I just returned from ARtfiberfest another great art retreat totally fiber related..heaven! Come join us next June!
xo mary

ACey said...

I thought maybe it was an extra benefit of setting your physical house in order. Now there is more room and energy for the fun creative stuff. Love the play of sunlight and shadow in this image. I enlarged it and had a great time drinking in the details.

Kai said...

Oh, that's STUNNING! I love the lettering, the black-and-white, and the pop of color! It's a small piece but its artistic voice carries beautifully!

Cestandrea said...

Dream Girl, love this piece, it shows that you see with your hands too and your heart:)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...



Your banner has me drooling!

Your block has me DREAMING..

what a day to sit & create..

what time should I come over?

xo, Monica

Pursuing Art... said...

Just AWESOME!!! The stamping turned out GREAT!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Great use of the square for a colorful eye! SWEET!!!
You did a fantastic job!

Hugs...Lisa ;-)

P.S. Looking forward to seeing the other side...I know it will be amazing!

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