Monday, December 8, 2008

When All Else Fails........ PAINT!

I've been very devoted to working on Christmas gifts. Big ones, little ones and some in between ones. One at a time they are having their last stitch stitched and being taken upstairs to the "wrapping" table -- where they will be admired one last time, wrapped, boxed and sent off to their new homes.

I needed to take a break from the intensity of 1/4 seams, straight lines and evenly matched prints and plaids. Words like accurate and straight were really starting to annoy me -- so I took out the Neocolors, paints, Modpodge, Stazon, tissue and stamps and went to work on the six pieces of hand made paper I committed to making for Ophelia's paper trade. I was an enjoyable diversion.

Blue, Ocean and White Frost Lumiere Paints, laid down in excess and stamped with snowflake and text images India Ink brushed flowers colored and water painted with Neocolors....
Bronze and Green Lumiere Paint, over-brushed with Gold Pearl ex powder and stamped with leaf and text imprint.....

Liquitex Acrylic Ink penned on with calligraphy and drawing nibs, over-colored with Neocolors and then water brushed....

Tissue paper shredded and Mod-podged down, then painted over with Purple, Ocean and White Frost Lumiere Paints. Once dry I stamped images with Stazon onto tissue and modpodged that down, painting over the edges with paint soaked paper towel.

As always, were I to do this again there are tons of things I would do differently, but all in all they came out ok.

Now, it's back to stitching, measuring, cutting and cursing!!


Paula Hewitt said...

lovely. and i know all about stitching and cursing.

3rdEyeMuse said...

what a fine and productive break!

... would you believe me if I admited that I STILL haven't started all my Christmas goodies? will I never learn?!?

Pursuing Art... said...

The papers are great and I bet it was fun and a good break from stitching for awhile! Fun trade!

I'm with Paula...I know all about stitching and cursing too! LOL!


KathrynAntyr said...

This paper exchange is so fun. Can you believe that we committed to it in the midst of all of this holiday madness? I can't wait until our packages arrive with our assortment of papers.

Teresa said...

Wow! I so understand the cutting, stitching, etc. but the cursing starts for me with things like pain, tissue, ink, etc.
Beautiful as always.

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