Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mid Atlantic Quilt Show

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show is taking place this weekend in Hampton, Virginia. The picture to the left was my FAVORITE quilt from the 2007 show. Click on it and check out the details.

I know quite a few of you are going. Sabrina and I have been to this show and it is really something. We had planned on going this year too, however thankfully - the real estate business has picked up for us so we are really busy with that, and we are getting ready to head over to the mountains in just over a week so we had to miss it this time.

Hampton, Virginia is a nice town, with some nice hotels and restaurants, etc. and the Convention Center is easy to find. While a convention center is NOT my favorite venue for a quilt show (yuck) -- just the sheer volume of inspiration that can be found there is worth the trip.

Here is a link to the show if you're interested:

as well as a few other shows that we're going to head out to this year:

This one is my favorite:

The Mountain Comforts Quilt Festival which takes place during the Blue Ridge Folklife

Back on the home front I've got a few things going - but not much progress the last week or so due to a revisit from the flu to our house, as well as LIFE. I'll be posting updates, etc. on by the beginning of the week.

Enjoy your weekend.



Hi Cathie, it's great you have so many quilt shows to look forward to!

I've really enjoyed looking at your stitched pieces and your experiments and I like the colours in your sunset piece. I look forward to seeing your bits n bobs next week. Bye for now, have a good creative weekend, best wishes, Carolyn :o)

jude said...

gosh, i love how that snow is done in that quilt!

Lucy said...

Hope you feel better soon Cathie!! Enjoy your time at the mountains
Are you going to be coming to the Artist Alley for the show next week?

MOLLY said...

GIRLIE--So so sorry you and yours have been sick. That flu bug is a hellacious one! This quilt is a masterpiece. Thanks for showing it to us. All this quilty travel makes me want to jump on a plane. Maybe I will someday. Have missed you, but one click on my computer and here you are again! LOL

MOLLY said...

This is a test--this is only a test--having some issues with DSL Did my previous post work? If not here I go again--So sorry you and yours have been sick--hellacious bug that flu. Love the snow quilt a masterpiece. Missed you, but one click of my computer and here you are again. LOL

Pursuing Art... said...

Hey you...I am sorry to hear about the flu bug being around again! :( I hope you are all feeling better!

Heading to the mountain sounds delightful! It's always good for the heart and soul to sneak away. I hope you have a great time!!!

That quilt is *BEAUTIFUL*...the detail is amazing. Wish I could admire it in person. The Mountain Comforts Quilt Festival looks awesome. You'll have to take some great pictures to share...I'd love to see them. Quilts, banjo music, food, art...sounds fantastic!!! It looks like you may need your tennies on for this show! ~wink~

Hugs my friend...~Lisa

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