Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday's Stitches - March 8

Been playing around with stitches for a month now -- it's a learning process.

I've started to get bored with just "stitching" aimlessly so I decided to put this week's stitches to work by applying them to elements I will find useful in my art quilts.

Three of my favorite materials to work with: silk dupioni (flat or torn or shredded,) dyed or painted cheesecloth, and metallic threads. I dug those out and applied my Sunday's stitches accordingly.

This time I work with the blanket stitch, seed stitch, couching stitch, cross stitch, french knot and ermine stitch (I still have to work on this one as my ermine look like stars!) All four of these stitches are very useful in art quilting and I can see endless possibilities. I love the cross stitch on the cheesecloth, and torn dupioni silk often finds its way into my work.

is a great resource
Check it out.
EG also puts out a delicious magazine by the same name "Stitch" (which is United Kingdom based) that some chain bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Borders) carry here in the States. It's pricey, but exquisite and full of inspiration.
This week I will be working on Van Gogh Iris - trying to get it ready for the NC Quilt Symposium. I'm doing some free motion embroidery on the leaves and background, as well as adding some beads and hand stitching. I'm also working on a few skirts and dresses for Sabrina., and a bunch of other stuff.
It's good to be home. Thanks for the e-mails. I'll be around visiting blogs this week when I get caught up.
What are YOU working on this week?

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.


katie jane said...

You are just getting to be a stitching pro! Sould I say that you are a bitchin' sticher? Ha! These looke really good, Cathie, and I think working on small things, like you are doing, will be wonderful inclusions for your quilts. They give just the right personal touch.

jude said...

there is a nice freedom evolving in your style....

3rdEyeMuse said...

it's great seeing some practical applications to the stitches! that little spiral has me squirming! :)

Talking Horses Arts said...

Your back!!! Yahoo!
Stitching seems to be more interesting every time you show!
Did you have a good time...what else are you working on now?

Wurzerl said...

Hi Cathy, I love the colors in your work. Do you need this wonderful stitches in your working on Van Gogh Iris?
You ask what we will do in this week?
I try to do a little chinese painting. In the garden it 's cold and to much of snow. I prefer to stay in the house.

Have a great week!


ACey said...

It's wonderful to see this stage of bringing the stitches into line with your creative voice. I want to tear strips of dupioni to make some kind of sampler based on the Stitch mag article about a bullion stitch sampler. Don't think I will select that particular stitch but I am going to use the basic idea as a model. Just add one more project idea to the pile!

Guzzisue said...

I may have some old copies, do you want me to have a look for you? they are just sitting around here


This looks like a very interesting project Cathie, I will look forward to seeing it finished. How big is the piece? and when do you have to get it finished by? I like the colours you are using and practising your stitches - I always like to do that!

Have a great creative day
Carolyn :o)

Cestandrea said...

Love your stitches, and especially the spirals! Colors are dreamy and mystical...
And the music here is so motivating, as always,

maggi said...

The stitching ideas are great, I love the scrim piece (cheesecloth?)

Pursuing Art... said...

Great idea to practice but have elements that you can later work with! Are you still thinking of a quilt? These are wonderful and I know, however, you choose to apply them will be stunning! I would love to see all these practice pieces together one day before you do anything with them.

Looking forward to seeing the Van Gogh Iris quilt too! ~Lisa ;-)

Phyllis said...

Your work is beautiful! I really love the originality in your designs..the colors, the variety of stitches, the spontaneity. Very nice.

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