Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad Girl......

Two weeks and no blogging.What in the world?
I just have not produced anything worth blogging about (other than my gorgeous crop of tulips!)
I was in and out of the studio last week - painting, burning, soldering, etc., but nothing great. Most of it just went in to the "box."

I have a "box" I keep in a closet in the
studio with my experiments - soy silk fabric, pieces of copper
painted duck cloth, melted organza with angelina fibers, fused fibers, tyvek experiments, etc., etc.
Many times Sabrina will play around with something and end up throwing it into the garbage - I go behind her and yank it out, putting it into the "box" and more often than not I end up using it for something.

Anyway, we did have a meeting with our art guild (Carolina Mixed Media Artists) last Thursday which is always inspiring. A month ago we were provided some atc boards to try and we were to bring back what we made with them and they are going back to the company that makes the boards and I think I heard someone say they are going to be auctioned off. Here are a few that we made to donate using molding paste, embossing powders, copper wire and painted and stamped images.
Right now I'm concentrating on two quilts I've been working on and will post pictures soon. I've ordered a really beautiful queen sized goose down comforter and I'm making a quilted duvet cover for it for my son for Christmas as he keeps asking me "where's my quilt, Mom?" And I've got a few smaller art quilts going -- again though, not enough progress to post anything.
In the meantime....
enjoy this amazing weather, go stand outside, look to the clouds, raise your arms up to the sky and thank God for making this beautiful Earth.


Pursuing Art... said...

Happy Easter Cathie! I'm trying to catch up today and here you just posted! I've been thinking of you and have been hoping all is well. Things are finally settling down here and getting back to normal. Your tulips are gorgeous!!! You are having amazing weather?...*LUCKY*!!! It was gorgeous last weekend and you can guess where I was and needed to be...just longing for it to stick around!

The atc boards turned out great! I'm looking forward to seeing the two quilts you are concentrating on. I remember the fabric for your son's, dark green and white?!? Still the same? It was very handsome! Stitching it into a duvet with a nice down comforter will be a wonderful gift for him!

I hope you are having a nice weekend and have a Happy Easter!!!

XOXO ~Lisa ;-)


Firstly, your tulips are beautiful. Are they from your garden? They are lovely bright colours and guaranteed to cheer!

Seconly, we all have spells that you describe where we beaver away for hours, days, weeks with nothing much to show, then all of a sudden lots of things all come to fruition at the same time with bursts of excited enthusiasm and inspiration. I get exactly like that!!! The interesting thing is how we all feel we must be blogging something all the time, I feel the pressure sometimes. So, I would say chill, enjoy the processes and the learning curves, and those bits in the box will be the exact piece of "treasure" you need to finish off something one day!

Now, Cathie, I will also try to take my own advice because it is very easy to say this to you and something else to put it into practice myself!!! ha ha

Have a happy easter weekend,
Carolyn :o)

katie jane said...

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you too. It is still on the chilly side here, but gradually warming up. Sounds like you've been busy outside the studio and that is good, too. Fires up the creative juices for later. One can't be "on" all the time. Looking forward to seeing new stuff later.

david santos said...

Very cool!

Happy Easter!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful flowers! Miss you ... coffee soon???

Art Space Gallery said...

Hi Cathie - have just smiled at your query re 'Cornish mizzle'on Love-Stitching-Red.

Imagine, there's no wind, all is still and quiet, with very low cloud and damp, misty conditions. Now look at Carolyn's photo of St Ives harbour and there you have it, Cornish mizzle. Best wishes. Lesley.

soulbrush said...

i've been reading through your posts and i am in awe of you, no actually overawed! and you are willing to swap with ME...? whew, i feel sooo proud!

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