Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday's Stitches....

I decided that for Sunday's Stitches this week I would dig deep into the bowels of my "box" - you know, the box I mentioned last post - experiments gone wrong - experiments gone right - and try to use only stuff out of there. So I dumped my box out onto the floor and sifted through two years worth of experimentation to come up with these:

Painted Dryer Sheet
Handmade Soy Silk Fabric
Lumiere Painted Canvas
Turqoise Embellishment
(gifted by Teresa)
Perle Cotton

Painted Dryer Sheet
Perle Cotton
Glass Bead

Painted Dryer Sheet
Dyed Cheesecloth
Melted Acetate
Beautiful Sequin
(gifted by Acey:)
Glass Beads

Painted Dryer Sheets
Fused Angelina Fibers
Hand Dyed Fabric
Embroidery Floss

Painted Dryer Sheet
Dyed Cheesecloth
Lumiere Painted Canvas
Glass Beads

Painted Dryer Sheet
Fused Angelina Fibers
Wooded Heart Button
Embroidery Floss

I haven't made a dent in the contents of my "box," but it was fun digging through it and coming up with these little squares.
Notes to Self:
1. I absolutely need a "bigger" box (as this one is over flowing and it's hard to easily see what is in there); and
2. I need to go through my "box" more often. There's all kinds of cool stuff in there!
What am I going to do with these squares? I don't know. But I think now that I've decided I need to buy a bigger "box" for my experiments, perhaps I will use this box, for stuff that I've made out of the experiment box!
Carolyn knows where I coming from, as she so aptly put it in one of her recent comments-
"...chill, enjoy the processes and the learning curves, and those bits in the box will be the exact piece of "treasure" you need to finish off something one day!"
Thanks Carolyn - I think I'll do JUST that!!
Hey - What's in YOUR box???



Hi Cathie, glad I come in handy sometimes lol :o)

I always enjoy your posts, you are so "open" to learning and sharing your experiments with us and I love your "notes to self!"

Hope your enjoy your week and ahead and look forward to next Sunday's Stitches

Carolyn x

3rdEyeMuse said...

these are great little bits from your big box ... painted dryer sheets?!? who would have thought!

that's a scary question as I even have boxes inside boxes! hmmm ... maybe I'll go through one of them today. :)

Talking Horses Arts said... it!
You know what comes after a bigger box? ........Another
XOXO Andrea.


Hi Cathie
Your textile squares are lovely and would look nice on the fronts of cards. My favourite one is the fused angelina fibres and heart button because I like the "mermaid" colours and your stitches

The six pictures would look nice in a mosaic

Look forward to seeing what else is in that box!!!

Carolyn :o)

katie jane said...

PAINTED DRYER SHEETS???? What a great idea! Duh! I just came from Michael's this afternoon, disappointed that they don't have more "rice paper" and "handmade" type paper for my collages. What I was looking for was exactly like dryer sheets, only colored. You are brilliant, or I'm really stupid. Thanks! I'm going to go pull some out of the trash and paint them now.
BTW- I love what you did with yours! These are excellent. I'm sure you will discover a use for them. Maybe affix them to the fronts of some of your tote/handbags. They are dynomite!

Michelle said...

I love these - they're wonderful! They look like a series and would be beautiful framed together or stitched to a common background for a single piece of wall art. You have some awesome treasures in your box!!

Mary said...

Oh Cathie! I absolutely LOVE what you made! That must be some box of goodies.

Judy Alexander said...

Beautiful little pieces. I love dryer sheets. I never throw them away and they are always hanging around my laundry room. I throw them in the wash several times after they have been used and they get softer. box is overflowing onto the floor....

Nikki said...

I love these little treasures! The colors are some of my favorites and they have wonderful little details!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I really like each and every one of these! Gorgeous colors and embellishments. I've heard of using dryer sheets...I should be saving mine! The other thing I thought was cool is paper towels and baby wipes! Did you get yourself a bigger box? I need more boxe'S' again too...I wonder why?!!

Love Carolyn's comment...good advice!

Hugs my friend...Lisa

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