Saturday, May 23, 2009

Felting, Neocolors, Mixed Media Roving and Watercolors.....

Finished up the last two ACEOs that are going out to Lynn. It was nice taking a break from "serious" sewing to just experiment a little with roving and Neocolors.

Because Lynn mentioned she too like sunflowers, I'm sending her the next in my sunflower series, and also a little "shades of blue" mixed media (beads, roving, felt, piecing and a copper embellishment) freestyle card.

Here are the two cards are cards I received from Lynn ( Getting My Feet Wet.) I couldn't love them more. We decided on a flower and abstract theme.

This gorgeous red flower is machine felted wool roving on a felt background and the graphic, orange flower is watercolor which looks to be outlined in black ink. These are both beautiful cards and are fabulous additions to my collection. I have really enjoyed receiving (and making!) these cards.

Today I'm back in "production" mode, working on Sabrina's birthday presents. She's not around today so I have the afternoon to play with the skulls. I'm also working on a leaf piece for Carolyn. I've gone through all my silk dupioni and natural fibers and am starting to layout the background and have painted up some fiber sheets to start making the leaves. It should be a nice relaxing weekend once chores are done.
I do hope everyone gets in some good "family time" this weekend. I hope to spend some quality time with both kids and have at least one martini (or cup of Hazlenut coffee - depending upon my mood) on the front porch with my love.


3rdEyeMuse said...

that first ATC of yours is super dreamy! love, love, love it!!

can't wait to see what you are creating for Sabrina. :)

katie jane said...

Busy, busy, busy! Love your ATC's.

soulbrush said...

simply perfect, i want them...oooh swap pleeese...i am also enjoying just pottering around with my new atcs too.


Gorgeous aceos Cathie. Hope you enjoy your secret skull sewing. Have a happy weekend! Carolyn x

Judy Alexander said...

Love the ATCs I have been in a couple of swaps and have collected about 20 ATCs from around the world. Let me know if you are up for a swap.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Pretty pretty!
You have been busy!

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the ACEO's...especially the blue one...yum! The cards from Lynn are beautiful... you *LUCKY* girl!

Looking forward to seeing Sabrina's birthday gifts you've been working on...I know she'll love them!

XO ~me

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, I FELT that loveliness all the way from HERE.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog post about "Twilight". Yes, even though I'm 52, Edward is pretty hot!

Your blog & work are awesome!

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