Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Groovy Baby! Mod Quilts....

I've discovered something new (at least new to me)  - Mod Quilts and Paintbox Quilts.  It was love at first site.

In my travels across the internet I stumbled upon Oh Frasson! and there -- before my very eyes were quilts created from the the most striking  color pallettes I've ever seen.  Using black and white, white or Kona solids, this gal mixes color and hue like a master.  And the way she finishes the backs of her quilts - perfection. 

I'm not gonna lie -  I've always  loved old fashioned quilts - applique, traditional piecing, Amish, etc. but I love them even more when the old meets the new -- traditional piecing or applique that uses uses bold, contemporary prints and bright colored fabrics.  Double that with contemporary design piecing AND the wild color schemes -  and THAT is something that gets my attention.

I want to make a color + white quilt  myself.  So I  bought two gorgeous selections of fabric - one of Kona classic solids, by Kafman, and one called "Gallery" by Kaufman. Both of which I think will compliment the batiks and prints I have on hand.  Oh Yeah - I love these intense colors! 

There's a  Fresh Modern Quilts flickr group if you're interested in seeing some really amazing eye candy.  And Oh Frasson's! website has some great patterns and tutorials utilizing really cool color combinations for bold "out of the ordinary" results.  I just love looking at them.

Today and tomorrow I'm finishing up some WIPs and upon the arrival of my new purchases - I will be starting my own version of a Mod Quilt. 

Oh the possibilities! 


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hey there! I think I could just drool over this fabric. I really wish I had more time to quilt. As it is, I am just fitting in beading time!

How's Gizmo doing?

Lynn said...

I look forward to seeing what you turn these wonderful spools of brightness into!

Mary said...

I love those bright colors! And, what's up with our Dear Jane?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I clicked the links Cathie and those quilts are wonderful! Good luck with what you make, it's sure to be wonderful too. Bye for now. Lesley

Ophelia said...

Those colors make me smile! I'm so sorry we could not get together yet! I so want to see you so we can play! I really, really love your blog!

Deborah said...

Gorgeous fabric! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

Pursuing Art... said...

Funny, I was only going to come by and get a taste of what you've been up to and leave a comment and come back for a good read later...ha!!! Picking up where I left off...I passed on Happy Easter (rolling her eyes :)! I can't help but keep reading and I know I can't keep my mouth quiet either. ;-)

Oh, looking forward to seeing your Mod quilt...I know it will be gorgeous! Me too, love the old fashioned quilts but with the bright colors and fabrics of today...yummy! XOX

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