Monday, June 21, 2010

GIVEAWAY: This Birdie Needs a New Home

                                                                                                                                                         I've been working on these birds for a while now and I've got this guy almost finished.  All there is left to do is a dd a few more stitches and attach the string of beads I made for the hanger. 

HERE'S THE DEAL:   I'm taking a bloggy break for about 10 days so I can get Sabrina over to UNC and get a few things done around the house.  So - for the next ten days I want to hear from you....
Leave me comment discussing YOUR  favorite SUMMER MEMORY (details - I want details!) and I will enter your name into the drawing to win this gorgeous little birdie.  On July 1st, I will put all names into a bucket and pull the winner. 
In addition to the birdie, the winner will also get a selection of summery fabric cuts, and a few  random bits of deliciousness  from my stash. 

Let's hear some juicy stories!!!   On July 1st I'll post the winner.  Good Luck!!


Vicki W said...

I don't have any juicy stories but my favorite summer was when I was about 13 or 14. I was too young to start working and I spent the entire summer reading everything that I could find in out little library. I would start reading as soon as Mom and Dad were gone to work and I could stay there until I needed to start dinner. It was heaven.

Ophelia said...

Oh...the birdie is so very beautiful...and the Kenny Chesney music takes me right back! Ahhh... my favorite summer memories are being on the beach. I grew up pretty close to Myrtle Beach, and we spent many a summer day there.....digging in the sand, playing all day, long walks on the beach, dreamy, dreamy times. My mom could make the best time out of even a bottle cap! I just love the is totally my most favorite place to be, and I truly hope to make sweet memories with my daughter there as well.

Carol said...

I love your birds!!

Summer memories...well...I should have 58 of them!!

So this is the one I chose. In 1980 I met my brother in May. In July we went to his 4th of July celebration at his home outside Chicago. All of his wife's family was there and they accepted my husband and daughter as one of their own. It was a great cookout and we spent the day having a bean bag game toss tournament. In the evening there were tons of fire works.

It was a wonderful holiday!

Send me the bird, please ~lol~


Just to say what a fabulous prize and good luck to everyone!

I'm opting out of the giveaway as you are always so generous and spoil me rotten in our parcels dear friend

Hope Sabrina has a fantastic time at Art School


Patchwork Penguin said...

Summer of '85.... I was in grad school, my husband had just graduated with his BA. Anyway, I was going up the back stairs to my apartment and saw this car going really slowly down the alley.. creep out much? Turned out it was my husband... and then he called me.... and we went to see ET, and he made a left turn on red... and well... that was July.... and the following March we were married. Twenty-four years and four kids later I still love him to death.

Julie Bagamary said...

Juicy....well I think of swimming and a variety of fresh fruits full of juice for Summer. :)

Rafael's Mum said...

You are going to be disappointed but I haven't got any juicy summer stories.... My parents did the package holiday thing and I swam a lot in the hotel pools sortathing...

Do like your birdie though! Lovely embroidery.

Dotti said...

Camping on the banks of the North Fork of California's Feather River. Tubing on white water down the Fork until it met the Feather River. Picking big lucious JUICY black berries to be made into hot blackberry sauce to top ice cream later in the evening and listen to gentle murmurs of tired happy campers over a crackling campfire.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Well, you know that as a school teacher, summer's were precious days of playing with my boys, cheering them on at swim meets, working in the garden, and sleeping past 5:30 AM! I used to start getting depressed around the fourth of July when summer was about half over.

My favorite childhood summer memories were at my grandparents' house near Annapolis, Maryland. Once we watched the fireworks from my cousin's boat near the Naval Academy. I still remember my grandmother clapping, oohing, and ahhing. :)

~Babs said...

One of my favorite summer memories is when my Dad bought my horse Suzie. A long dreamed wish come true.We actually had no money for horses and such 'nonsense', (my mother's thoughts) but buy her he did,,,and I spent every waking moment of daylight with my friend Suzie.

Love your birdie!

Phyl said...

This gorgeous birdy needs to come live at my house!All of them are SO pretty; you are kind and generous to share them!I have a childhood summer memory of saving baby birds fallen from their nests from our "yard cats" and putting them back after summer storms...and yes, Virginia, mama birds WILL accept babies back into the fold after being handled by humans! Hope you and Sabrina are having a fun week and she'll enjoy being off to school...!

Barb said...

LOVE your birds!

Oh, how I love summer! Best memories are spending time at Cape Cod. The beach was a given every day, but we also found time for whale watches, climbing the Pilgrim monument in Provincetown, shopping in Provincetown and throughout the Cape and ending the day with an ice cream cone from Brewster Store! Cannot beat those days and now we still continue the memories with our own children. They never tire of the Cape, and neither have I.

(left message on both posts--not sure which post you want)

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