Monday, June 7, 2010

I "Heart" My Bike......

My bike and I have had a rocky relationship this past  year.  It was love at first sight.  I'm not sure what happened between us.  We get together... we break up.  We try it again - and something happens and we split up again. It's been rough.

But I'm happy to say - we've found eachother again - and so far.... so good.   Our first four miles today were beautiful.  Just my bike.... me..... and the hills.  It was wonderful.  Like our first time.

Can we try again?   I think this time I'm ready to go the distance with you, bicycle.  Do you feel the same???


Katiejane said...

That's the neat thing about bikes; they are so forgiving. I hope you and your bikey have a long and lasting relationship. Please don't give up on him.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

My poor ole bike is 40 years old now. Its a white 'huffy' rather worn around the edges.. lol I cant believe she is that old. I no longer ride her I'm afraid. I tore something in my knee a few years ago in a fall so It hurts to go up hills and thats what we have around us. I cant bare to sell her tho...But I used to ride a lot. Glad that you & your bike are back together again.

~Babs said...

This cracks me up, so glad you two are working out your distances. Uh, I mean differences.

Lynn said...

Love this little love story. I do hope that the couple makes it this time. As a marriage counselor I have yet to treat a bike and it's rider, but I imagine the communication skills are the same. Be respectful of each other.
Talk about your feelings.
Consider the other.
Be flexiable.
I am sure your future will be bright.
Don't go to bed mad.

Andrea said...

Hi Cathie, it has been a long time I haven't been visiting! You and your bike are quite a team:) And also: Miss Doodle is back on her blog
thought you'd like that:) Say hello to Sabrina de bleu:)
love from paris

Ophelia said...

This is so funny!!! Especially when the music started! My bike and I also have issues....I'm glad you are giving it a go....
Are you coming on Sunday???
Take care...hopefully I will see you!


LOL :o)

Mim said...

I love my bike - it's becoming a good friend!

Pursuing Art... said...

You are so funny! :)

Glad you are working out the rocky relationship. . .enjoy the ride!

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