Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heat Distressing Textiles...

After spending an entire day Friday (from about 7 am ntil a wee bit after midnight) - cleaning the studio ,closets, drawers, cabinets, scrubbing work surfaces and floor, I decided to kick back today.

I've been wanting to make some distressed textile surfaces for stitching, so that was the plan for today.

This is just one of several pieces I made today.  I also experimented by making  a sepia and vintage color surface and a jewel toned distressed textile.    

On this particular piece (all three pictures are of the same piece,)   I
used two colors of thread - a deep plum on one side and a variegated blue on the other.  I definitely like the plum thread more. The lighter thread calls too much attention to the stitching, take a backseat.  I may have to do something about that - maybe lay some color overtop of the thread.

It  was a  nice day with much success.  I always enjoy doing these types of projects. 

Now I've got to show you my nice tidy little studio - it looks so nice and fresh...

Oh I do love working in here when it looks like this!

It really cleans up so nice. 
I think it's the light colors.

A place for EVERYTHING.....

And EVERYTHING in it's Place!  



Michele said...

wow ! that studio is like, heavenly... i wish...

Carol said...

I wish I could focus on a studio clean up. Maybe if I would stay off the computer. ~lol~

Your workplace is beautiful and cheery!!

Ophelia said...

You are just so completely inspiring to me! Completely!


Lovely colours and textures Cathie, that studio is really inspirng you!

libbyquilter said...

the textured bit that you have here is absolutely gorgeous~!!~

maybe if i clean up my studio i could do something that fabulous too~!?!~


Mim said...

Studio is gorgeous....does it stay that way for a long time?

Pursuing Art... said...

The distressed textile you created is really pretty!

Your studio looks fantastic and, boy, do I ever need to do the same thing again myself. It always feels so good to clean, reorganize and get everything back in it's spot, doesn't it?!! ;-)

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