Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well Hello Sewing Machine... How Have You Been???

Oh the grand plans I had for the summer - finishing about a dozen WIPs, cleaning closets, cupboards, pantries, windows, etc.,travel out west, travel to the Keys, lose at least 5 pounds, etc., etc.,  I'm proud to say I did every single thing on my list -  with the exception of one thing - and that was finish ANY WIPs.  I basically did not step one foot into the studio this entire summer.  

But alas, summer fades to fall and  Brina is  back to school (sniff, sniif - I always have an empty heart when she does) and with a spotlessly clean homstead (both inside and out) I have begun to ready myself for the holiday sewing frenzy that approaches every year about this time.

Yesterday I visited two of my favorite haunts to stock up on Autumn and Winter  fabrics - batiks, Christmas prints, hand dyes,  thread, perle cotton, papers, etc.  So fun!  For the next week or so I will be sketching out a "to do" list and a few designs.  I did finish this nautical quilt and a few little stuffies. 

 I've also signed up for Jude's "Cloth to Cloth" workshop which starts on September 15th - can't wait for that.

Next up is quilting this last top.  I've bordered it with a gorgeous hombre and am backing it with  white linen.  So pretty.

Would love to hear what you've got on the design wall, easle, work table or desk! 


Mary said...

sounds like a good summer even if you didn't finish any WIPs.

Lynn said...

CAthie good to see you here. What is an WIP??? Or whatever you called them that you didn't do any of. LOL

Love the owl. And the quilt looks pretty too.

I"ve been busy making little "pocket books" I am giving and selling. See blog. ;-)
On number #5 with 2 to go.

Waiting for my sketchbook from the sketchbook Project and going to Art and Soul in early October in Portland, OR.

Busy summer. Lots of fun!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ok, I'll bite. The 6 huge stack n whack blocks that I finished earlier this year are still pinned to the design wall - the excuse being that my work table is too cluttered for the next step of cutting the long vertical strips to that they will reside between in the finished top.

So I was supposedly working on clearing the table by working on the projects cluttering it. Not much progress there.

And now I've started a new bit of experimentation - in my defense, it IS using fabric on the table - some specifically set aside for this. So the most RECENT thing on the design wall is an abstract thing using the color palette of poppies and peonies. It rather clashes with the stack n whack blocks. vbg

Boy, has it been hard to settle down and work this year...

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