Friday, September 28, 2012

OBX Boat Trip...

 Just returned from a four day 500 mile boat trip aboard the Cat O Mine from Nags Head to Beaufort and back.   We met 16 other C-Dory boats at a beautiful marina out in the middle of nowhere for a few days of salty air, fish tales and adventure.

While the weather cooperated (no rain) the winds weren't  quite as kind.  Heading home against NE winds of 23 knots - we had to turn back to port on our way home and spend an additional night until we could plot another course, hoping the winds would die down a bit.
After the decision was made to do so - we were able to relax and actually enjoyed the extra evening away, alone.
Monday, we did attempt a different route home and while the seas were still rough  (due to 15 knot winds in the Pamlico Sound) - they weren't dangerous.  We forged our way made it home safe and sound - tired and sore.  Oh - did I mention that the area we were boating in is nick named - the "graveyard of the Atlantic?"  Just thought I'd mention that.

It is always delicious being out on the water for  days at a time - being challenged - relying upon instinct and skill.   And we so appreciate being each and every opportunity to marvel at the dolphin, the sunsets, the wind and  the smell of the sea.   But as magical as the journey always is - it is always so good to get home to the earth and the trees.

I really do have such a great life.  I need to remember that, I really do.

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