Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A Year FULL of Memories...

and hugs,

and spa days,

and silliness,

and homesickness,

and sunrises,

and slowing down,

and connections,

and NYC,

and Christmas lights in Public Square,

and missing my Granmda,

and building snowmen

 and selfies!

and becoming a college Mom!

and quality time,

and long walks on the beach, 

and LOTS of kisses,

and artistic exploration - stitching,

and painting,

and dyeing...

and traveling....

and just...


and reflecting,

and remembering...

and missing....

and soul searching,

and celebrating a graduation,

and a sunrise,

and catching BIG FISHES,

and romping in the sand,

and drinking LOTS of coffee,

and learning how to be just "us."

Happy New Year My Wonderful, Lovely, Funny and Dear Family
how I love you so.

Happy New Year
to me,
to you,
....and to us.

Bring it on - 2014!!

1 comment:

Ophelia said...

Wow!!! What a lovely year in review!!! Wow!!! This is such a great post girl!!

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