Friday, January 3, 2014

The Four Agreements....

I read it about ten years ago and it made a huge impact on me.  I've been thinking  a lot about the substance of The Four Agreements and where I am in my life and decided NOW is the perfect time to revisit this literature and examine how it applies to me at this point.

“One day, as he slept in a cave, he dreamed that he saw his own body sleeping. He came out of the cave on the night of a new moon. The sky was clear, and he could see millions of stars. Then something happened inside of him that transformed his life forever. He looked at his hands, he felt his body, and he heard his own voice say. "I am made of light, I am made of stars."
He looked at the stars again, and he realized that it's not the stars that create the light, but rather the light that creates the stars. "Everything is made of light," he said, "and the space in-between isn't empty." And he knew that everything that exists is one living being, and that light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information. (xvi)” 
           - Miguel Ruiz

I remember when I first read this passage - how profound it was.  How deeply it affected me.  I wrote it down on an index card and referred to it many times over the years in my thoughts.  I am looking forward to contemplating this once again, in perhaps a more meaningful way.

My personal  training is going well.  Most days I can barely push through the hour - but I do.  I am getting stronger every single day and am noticing changes already.  I am taking my training from two days with my trainer to three, and then 2-3 days on my own.  This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I am also looking into the No Boundaries 5k winter training program.  Running a 5k is on my list for this year. I heard about this particular training program on the local news.   I am going to go to the first meeting next week to get all of the details and see if it is doable with my schedule.  The group meets twice per week to train for the 5k which is at the end of March. If I can possibly work this in - I think it would be a perfect compliment to my training.

Having the time to dedicate to what makes me "happy" is unnatural for me - and is quite an adjustment.  It is so weird being able to focus time and attention upon my own desires.  Rediscovery of who I am - it can be quite scary.

Do I really want to know?
 Will I be happy with what I uncover?


Nancy said...

I tried to read this book about that long ago, but was not in the head place for it. I've recently considered trying it again. It's been in the back of my mind for all this time. This one and Women Who Run With the Wolves. Someday for both of them.

Teresa said...

I have added this to my to read list. I am currently reading two other books, one for pleasure, one for insight or I would start on it right away. I think I may need to subscribe to audible so I have a chance of reading even a small percentage of what I want to read.

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