Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Family Keeps Growing…..

Remember this guy from this post???

THIS  is Max.
He landed on Sal's doorstep, cut, bleeding, scarred and scared.
He captured our hearts and we LOVE him.

He is now….
a Recca.

And this guy?
(This cute little bundle of "goo" as Brina refers to him.)
THIS is biscuit.

He is now almost 3 months old
and is also a Recca.  Well, technically… he's an Angelini-Recca.
But we like to think he's all Recca.

Our family has grown to  6 canines and one ferret.
Toby, Gizmo, Harley, Daisy, Max, Biscuit,
and Simba.
And oh how I do love each and every one of them.

That's it guys. 
Please….NO more dogs. 
(or squirrels, or possum, or ferrets, or turtles, etc., etc.) 

At least….
not for a while.

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