Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Very Crabby……

well, not really.

I really like this photo so I blew it up to 24" and have decided to use it for a project I'm working on in a private mastery workshop I'm taking with Roxane Lessa. 

In its larger format, you can see every single grain of sand.  Pretty cool.  Now I must experiment on how to capture that texture.

Looking forward to experimenting with  that.

With the onset of Fall (it's not here yet - but I can feel it in the air)
I  decided to reorganize my outdoor dyeing and painting studio yesterday.
I like to spend a lot of time out there once the weather hits below 73.
Outdoor dyeing and painting studio
That seems to be the magic number for me.

I'm re-working my indoor sewing studio on the first level of our house
moving it out of a "room" and into the main area by the
windows overlooking the woods. I do love my studio I have now,
but there are no windows in the room and that really effects me.
This huge room is never used - so I'm staking my claim and
turning into a studio. Construction of built ins begins in a few weeks - so I have started
moving stuff out of there.

One thing to go upstairs - was this gorgeous butcher topped stainless unit.

I set it up in the garage by my doggy washing  sink and it makes a beautiful painting and dyeing spot under the window. So sturdy and very functional - and just outside the door is my drying rack for my hand dyes.  Perfect.

For the time being, I've been working at the kitchen table making my pattern for "crab" and trying to figure out an approach to capturing that fabulous sand.

I'm thinking hand painting and spraying ink and then pebble stitching maybe a good way to go - with the addition of sheers for sea foam?  Trial and error I guess.  Ideas?

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I've seen beads used to good effect to emulate sea foam. I'm thinking of trying that myself with an idea I have for incorporating an actual sand dollar on a piece of fabric that has been painted and then stamped with shells.

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