Monday, December 31, 2007

Git 'er Done in 2008!

While I am not going to share my resolutions with you as I take them very seriously and they are very private to me (there are 5) -- I will say that my mantre for 2008 is going to be "Git 'er Done!" Whether it's a project I've started, plans I've made, chores I've got to do -- my biggest resolution for this wonderful New Year is to ACT on my intentions, my desires and my dreams. I truly believe that by taking that one "notion" seriously -- the possibilities are endless -- and I can apply that to my 5 resolutions and my life. So without further adieu' -- bring it on 2008 - I'M READY!


StegArt said...

Happy New Year!

ANDREA said...

Hi Cathie and Sabrina:)
Thanks for stopping by on my blog and I'm glad you like the design as I don't know anymore what to think of them. You know how it is...
I want to wish you both to you and your fantastic family (doggies included) a very healthy, happy, successful year 2008. I'm glad to have met you two here in blogland last year and am looking forward to tons of interesting conversations on art and life.
Lots of love from me and Osky and, unknowingly, my hubby too ! BTW Oscar is a lazybone, a couch potatoe, lying on the sofa sleeping and snoring instead of playing with the mouse! Shame on him.
Have a wonderful day,

Nikki said...

Git'er Done. What a great idea. I can only imagine how much more I could accomplish if my family simply followed your wisdom.

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