Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taking it Further......

Getting Ready for Sharon' B's TAKE IT FURTHER CHALLENGE and more!!!
Part of my resolve for 2008 was to go through my entire house and literally "touch" everything - I went through every drawer, cabinet, closet, storage box, bookshelves, etc. I cleaned out my digital camera, reformatted my computer and IPOD and defragged my hard-drive. THEN I did the same in our studio - I went through every bucket, box, drawer, closet and cupboard. I have purged and either donated, revamped or got rid of everything that is no longer useful to me -- WHAT A FEELING! I am empowered.

NOW I am doing the same to our blogs - both Clevelandgirlie and our business blog (Carolina Pines Realty.). I am in the process of archiving the old, condensing the useful and preparing the new. So check back in a few days for a new and improved Clevelandgirlie blog where you will see TUTORIALS, regular features, including a permanent and special section for my participation in Sharon B's, " TAKE IT FURTHER" - year long creative challenge. So next time you visit -- be prepared.... things are changing (for the better!) 'round here!!!


Angelcat said...

Wow, sounds like a whirlwind has hit your house with all that sorting and reorganising, I need some of what you're taking, lol!

Michelle said...

You go girl! Save some time for coffee with me - once my next wave of COMPANY leaves! (I am so tired of company...) Miss you!! xo

Susan said...

Your New Year's Resolutions seem to be symbolic to me (or at least I can resonate with your clear thinking and your great post). They are meaningful...serious...whole-heartedly spoken in silent commitment and powerfully realized both immediately and in future actions.

I applaud your energy of touching all that you own, your resolve to rid yourself of old and make way for new, and especially for your public announcement that your intend to act in your own best interests, creatively, artistically, and even in business. Wow! You are off to a great 2008!

I knew I bookmarked your site for some special, I have a glimpse as to why. I look forward to returning and seeing your artwork and your words of wisdom.

Git 'er done!
I like it! It's a great mantra.

Nikki said...

Wow!!! All that and it is only the first week of the year. I'm giving myself all year to get things cleaned up and organized. My husband laughed when I told him my goal was to clean at least fifteen minutes a day. I ment above and beyond the usual maintanence, but most often it looks more like I only spent fifteen minutes total.

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