Monday, November 5, 2007

January 20th - Under the Lights - Me AND Barry!!

Okay - I'm going to come clean right here, right now -- I LOVE BARRY MANILOW -- and have ever since I was 14 and heard Mandy for the first time and I'm NOT ashamed to say..... I'VE GOT AN "ALMOST" FRONT ROW SEAT to see him on January 20th - Woo hoo! Notice I said "seat" and not "seats." "Why is that?" you ask. Well I'll tell you why - it's because I COULDN'T PAY ANYONE IN MY FAMILY enough money to go with me!!! So - instead of not going - I'm going alone -- and I can't wait. There -- I feel better and can now get back to work. Thanks for listening! P.S. Bon Jovi - when are you coming back to Raleigh????


sue said...
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sue said...

Sorry, last comment simply didn't make sense so I'll try again:) Confession time, My teen crushes were David Bowie and Alice Cooper, got over Bowie but still listen to Alice at times.

ANDREA said...

Hi my dear friend, congratulations for going there all by yourself and I hope it will be great!

PS: what are you doing with your dogs? LOL

Teresa said...

I like Barry also. Have a great time and don't worry about those spoil sports you are leaving at home. You will have more fun without them.

Beth said...

I had every one of Barry's albums until I got into Aerosmith and felt weird about it. Have a good time!

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog! What a great site you have yourself! And I love your stuff!

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