Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So Much Thread.... So Little Time.....

O.k. - it's official. In addition to my fabric addiction - I now am certifiably addicted to thread -- I can't get enough - silk thread, rayon thread, polyester thread, braided thread, twisted thread -- and my favorite - metallic thread - I love them all. Since begining my experimentation with free motion embroidery I have discovered that one can never have "too much thread!" Adding fuel to the fire has been my discovery of where I can find all my favorite variegated threads, rayon and silk threads at a fraction of the cost if I purchase from my favorite local specialty shops. I am really getting into free motion embroidery - it's like "painting" with thread. In fact, I just bought a book on "thread painting" and am experimenting on landscapes and doodling. I'll be posting on this in greater detail. Anyone who has done any doodling or threadpainting -- e-mail me privately and send some pictures.

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Nikki said...

Love the rainbow of colors!

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