Sunday, January 13, 2008

Click on this to see detail....


JANE said...

Very nice work and a neat concept for group participation. Please share a photo when it all gets put together again, I'd love to see it.

tammy said...

hi cathie
oh how beautiful!!!
since i still feel lousy with whatever this ugly virus is~my muse has seemed to of left me :(
a cq square is a must!!!
thanks so much for your step by step~it really helps a newbie like me:)
uyour header with all those gorgeous threads is great!!
have a great day
tammy~ who is just waiting for a nor'easter to wallop us with SNOW!!!

ANDREA said...

Now this is a beauty! I love the complementary colours and the freehand-stitching which gives it a "body"! You did so well with the enhancing of the colours too, that must have been fun! Great work, Lady!

Sara said...

this is a great project. you can hardly tell which is the photo and which the quilt. the stitching gives a nice texture!

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