Friday, January 11, 2008

Pay It Forward Gifts Done!!!

Today was "catch up" day. I had some little commitments I had to work on before I start work on my next big project which is an art quilt for my sister in law, Leslie.

Here are the three gifts I will be sending to the recipients of my Pay it Forward.

I made some handmade fabric from wool, metallic fibers, pieces of foil, painted and blasted tyvek and cool Australian yarns I had laying around by needle punching them onto a piece of woold. Then, I layered on a piece of organza over the top of the whole thing, and free motion embroidered the front with metallic thread. After that I burned through the organza with a heat gun, affixed some Swavroski crystals and silk ribbons to the front and novelty yarns to the top and covered the back with a hand painted piece of cotton duck cloth that is painted with metallic Lumiere paints. They are so fun to make and come out different every time! I hope their recipients enjoy them!


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...


Guzzisue said...

These look like they were fun to make :)

Phyl said...

Yummy, yummy dear!These are gorgeous; I could eat the pink one!!You're doing very pretty work; thanks for sharing on your blog!

ANDREA said...

Beautiful colours and textures! You are getting better and better, so colourful and inventive! Have a beautiful day

Carolyn said...

Hi Cathie !
Guess what ? Your pay it forward came just now !!
( thank you ) I love it !!! ;o)
WOW , i love your work ! the colours are beautiful , and i WILL use it , as i had loads of books just bought for my birthday !

Thank you so much Cathie , you made my day !!


Jessica Rae said...

Hi. Is there any chance that you'll ever write a tutorial for making a simple bookmark like this? They look so amazing and I'm just dipping my toe into the crafting world to help manage my depression. I can sew, but not that well, lol.

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