Monday, June 9, 2008

Ahhhh Take a Deep Breath.....

Summer is almost here. And while Summer is my least favorite season of the year -- it's onset is still a signal to take a deep breath and s l o w down.
I've always had a problem with that -- slowing down. I try to - I really do -- but my brain is always on fast forward -- always thinking about what needs to be done later, tonight, tomorrow, next week, by the end of the month, etc., etc. I even spend my leisure time -- trying to "finish" that book, complete that project, wrap up that painting, etc. Reaching the finish line -- is always on the brain and of the utmost importance.
You miss a lot -- with that mindset. You really do. There is great joy to be found in the moment, as well as in the smallest of details that tend to accompany those moments. Those lovely little details that often get missed -- when one is in a hurry. And while I've been pretty good at teaching my kids to appreciate the moment and drink in the details, I really need to heed my own advice.
This leads me to my real topic -- S L O W cloth. Have you heard of it? Probably. It's a hot topic right now in the fiber art community. And, to tell the truth I've been admiring thinking a lot about "slow cloth" -- what it stands for, what it means, what it symbolizes. Actually, I' ve been thinking about it for quite some time.
If you're not familiar with the "slow cloth" movement or concept and would like to know more, here are some places to get a good education on the subject. But keep in mind -- the concept of Slow Cloth is very personal and means something different to every artist. I have found that it is a concept that evolves with YOU.

Take some time and read the article written by Elaine Lipson that discusses in detail -- Ten Qualities of Slow Cloth. Once you've read this, you will certainly want to experience slow cloth first hand and you can do that at the oh so appropriately named (consequently my absolute favorite place to spend time) Spiritcloth where Jude has the instinctual ability to intertwine fiber and words into a visual and spiritual journey. Make sure to thoroughly explore Jude's site -- particularly the visual journey, breadcrumbs, textile studies, etc. links on the right-hand side.

And NOW, as I find myself faced with the onset of summer, I look forward to the "quality" not quantity of my time. I intend to take that deep breath and slow way down. It is my intention to STOP -- and enjoy every breeze, every song, every giggle and every stitch.

Enjoy the Moment!!


Aurora said...

hi--thanks for the comments on my blog! I love the concept of slow cloth...and I know what you mean about going fast because am also that sort of person---but in the past 2 weeks the universe has forced me to slow down. I fell and fractured my knee cap--so I'm in a leg brace for 3 months---curtailed moblilty FORCES one to slow down...(if i do too much the leg hurts)
ah well, I have been reading and knitting and so this is good for me

jude said...

such a sweet review....thank you.

katie jane said...

Slow cloth sounds interesting, and I did look at Jude's blog (very cool stuff), but sorry, like you, I just don't have time. Ha Ha.

I used to to a lot of stitching, mostly cross stitch, but I just can't sit still long enough for that any more. I feel like if I sit down for 15 minutes to read a magazine then I had better get a load of laundry in before I do. Your advice is good, however.

Pursuing Art... said...

Way to go Cathie!

It sounds like a little more peace is going to fill your life! The art of life is to live in the moment. Keep taking deep breaths and smell those roses!

A dear friend, who I so admire, sent me part of a poem by Cedric Wright...

The days of our lives must become precious.

In all heaven and earth, there is one thing to do:

Take your time.

Enjoy the perfection of what you are doing.

Enjoy accomplishing it exquisitely!

James Taylor wrote, "The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time." ;-)

Wishing you joy, peace, and love!

Your Slow Cloth Artist Friend,

Lisa ;-)

Lainie said...

What a fabulous blog you have - I'm going to spend some time reading and enjoying your lovely site. I really appreciate the mention and I am so happy to discover you . . . I'll be back often. I'm getting weird gray boxes over some of the text, though (maybe connected to the audio?) if you have any tips about that.
Thank you, Clevelandgirlie.

Elaine Lipson

Katie said...

Excellent. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

eek! I hate summer time too!

Nellie's Needles said...

Ah, yes ... slow cloth stitching allows the mind to wander, wonder, and hover in the moment. For me, it's the stitching of my "crinkle" quilts.

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