Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas......

No - it hasn't started to snow here yet (although it's almost cold enough at night to snow!) BUT - it's still beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Recca studio, as its full of bags, boxes and bolts of fabric.

It's been a busy week as I've been getting prizes finished and mailed out for the Pink Artist Project, as well as I am almost done with my 10x10 art quilt square made from the left over Love Squared squares. I'll be posting a picture of that as soon as I finish putting on the finishing touches.

I've also been clipping coupons and shopping for gift "supplies." All the patterns, have been purchased and studied to see what supplies were required. I made my list - Fleece, minky, flannel backed satin, flannel, thermal knit, elastic, etc., etc., etc. I don't know about you - but I can't stand running in and out of stores. I like to make my list, buy all the stuff, sit down and start sewing. No interruptions. Interruptions to make trips to the store for forgotten items and/or notions makes me crazy. As Sabrina would say, it's a "fun sucker" - it just sucks the fun right out of it for me. So I make sure I get everything the first time out.

It's also been a busy week as the North Carolina State Fair is in town which we spent the day at Monday, AND one of my favorite Quilt Shows (the Durham/Orange Quilt Guild) too place last weekend in the historic Tobacco Warehouse District of Downtown Durham.
At the quilt show, I treated myself to some really cool black and white Australian fabric (Paula turned me on to this fabric when she sent me some pieces of it a month or so ago.) I love the graphic nature of the design. Love the dots. I also spoiled myself and bought a gorgeous "Shaker" pin cushion. Made with birch wood, copper nails and filled with white sand, it's very heavy and I absolutely love it. Merry (early) Christmas - to ME!!
I have been checking in on you and as always am inspired by the creativity and love that you put into all you do. In fact, I'm so inspired by YOU, I've got a few things in the works for some very special blog friends, AND a Christmas"y" give away or two!


Anonymous said...

did I?
you sound very busy.
in our house we call it a fun sponge. :)

ACey said...

great goodness you're organized! It's inspiring as well as impressive. That b&W fabric is quite wonderful.

Michelle said...

Those fabrics are FAB!

Cestandrea said...

Oh Cathie, The Boss is my one and only and cherished favourite American Musician, why can't I marry him?:):):)
Love this graphic fabric a lot too, and you sound sure very very busy, ok I return to your main blog to listen to my secret lover, the Boss, again,

Cestandrea said...

P.S.What have you done to Guizmo in the sidebar?????????????????
Oh, well, I can see what he is thinking: Ok baby if it makes you happy, I oblige, whatever keeps you going....

What a cool dog:):)

3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you so much for the fun update! I REALLY, REALLY like the Australian fabric a lot (bet you're surprised ... not). :) and that pin cushion is incredible - nice choice of an early giftie to yourself.

Pursuing Art... said...

I have been wondering what you have been up to! Missed you at the party! I see that you won some beautiful earrings too! ~wink~

You have been busy and getting ready for holiday supplies too! Wow, that's putting me to shame! I will have to remember "fun sucker"'t heard that one before!

Oh, did you enjoy the State Fair and did husband enter the chili contest? What fun! Love the new black and white fabric...yummy! And, the early x-mas gift to you is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall!

Hugs to you and Sabrina! Give Gizmo a hug from me too and let him know that he is the best model around!!!

xo-me ;-)

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