Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beach Tent - by Cris Marlow

Ahhhh I do long to go to the beach to work on my tan line that is virtually non-existent since moving to NC from South Florida. In fact, I miss the beach so much so that Sabrina and I are heading over to Virginia Beach next weekend for a girl's weekend and bit of R&R.
How perfect is it that the AECO I received from Cris (pursuant to a trade) depicts a beautiful beach tent - on the coast (of either Oregon or California, Cris?) In my imagination though, it is on the Carolina coast and waiting for Sabrina & I.

My AECO was enclosed in a card featuring a picture of a painting by Cris entitled, "The Color of Sound and Motion" which looks like a place we visit often over on the Carolina coast. I had to look very closely at this photograph to see evidence that it was indeed a painting. The details captured made it a hard call.

Do go visit Cris and see her lovely watercolors and witness her amazing photography. Her work is beautiful and truly an inspiration!
Thank you Cris - for sharing your art with me.


3rdEyeMuse said...

the ATC is great, but that painting is amazing - great TIP (trade in progress ... trying to be cool, ya know). :)

Here's wishing you and Sabrina a wonderful girls weekend next weekend.


Lynn said...

Yes! Cris' art rocks !!! I have some too on my Friday's post.
Are we lucky! I have had the good fortune to see much of her art in person and the details are indeed incrediable.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Thank You Cathie. I am so happy you enjoyed them both. The beauty of most of my work is that it can be anywhere you want it to be. The viewer feels it and decides.
I sold the Birds painting to someone who saw 'symbolism' in it. She collected Art and was even going to have it insured. They came and had their photo taken with me and the painting and sent me some photos. I was so delighted. I had it in the Orange County Fair in CA where she saw it. So I am really happy you see what you see in them both because that is where they are. Thanks for the lovely tribute. I can't wait to get yours.


Chris's art is indeed amazing. Thanks for showing us Cathie. Looks like you fixed your little blog probs. Everything is looking good and where it should be!! Hope you have a fab weekend. Will there be Sunday's stitches this weekend? I shall check back tomorrow. Have sent you an email too! BFN, Carolyn xx

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Cathie...beautiful works of art by Chris. Love the ATC and The Color of Sound and Motion is amazing...lucky you! Thank you for sharing her link with us!

You and Sabrina have a wonderful time at Virginia Beach...sounds absolutely delightful...I'll be thinking of you girls!

Most importantly...guess what I SEE!!! EVERYTHING...AND I LOVE IT!!! YES...he really is SMILING!!! ME TOO...I'm so excited! Did you do something...remove video? Tell Sabrina her smile is still as pretty as ever and it won't be too long until they are off!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day Cathie...enjoy your family and your day!!!

Sending you a big hug from me! XOXO

katie jane said...

I got mine from Cris yesterday, too. She is a great painter. We are lucky to have a "piece" of her, aren't we?

Mim said...

Hi there, your artwork is wonderful - so colorful and creative. Love your blog!

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