Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Stitches - May 2

Remember the colorful little Neocolor piece I was working on last week? THAT is what I decided to use for my Sunday's Stitches project this week.

Before I started stitching it, I ironed it on the HOTTEST setting for a few minutes to set the color. I couldn't wait to get started on this as it is so colorful and would give me a chance to use some of the yummy thread that I recently purchased from ThreadArt.
Originally I was going to hand stitch this, but I decided to free motion it instead and maybe do some hand beading in the end.
Good choice.

When I painted this piece, I deliberately painted flowers in separate "sections" as I knew I was going to cut this all up and use the different sections for different things. I like doing that - cutting stuff up and then doing something different with the pieces.

One section has tulips, another has some sun- flowers, one section has a giant sunflower and then I did some Gerbera Daisies. I still have to finish those daisies.

At this point I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all of these pieces, but I think a few postcards, at least one AECO, and one or two other small things.

I'm always sorry that I didn't make the Neocolor piece bigger. This is the second or third time I've done a Neocolor piece and wished I did it about twice the size.

Neocolors are hands down my favorite medium to work with and I've only scratched the surface with these. It stung a bit when I bought them 'cause they are a bit pricey - I paid over $100 for my set (I think they're around $160 for a set of 84) but they are worth every penny and I love love love them.

As for the free motion, I've got a long way to go - but I can see my stitching getting better every day.

Painting and stitching together - how cool is that. The ultimate form of self expression!

What do you have on your drawing table, sewing table, cutting table, long arm, short arm, or workbench??? And what is YOUR favorite art/sewing/painting supply?

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.


Karla Rosendall said...

I think you did a beautiful job. I've never heard of Neocolors? Is it specifically for fabric?

Michelle said...

hey girl, hope you are feeling better. your new work is beautiful. let me know if you want to get together soon.

Mary said...

Oh you know I feel the love for my Neocolors! I love what you've done with them. They are so fun to work with.

paulahewitt said...

the flowers are beautiful. I saw neo-colours in the art shop and nearly fell over at the price. I'll have to get one or two just to have a go, i think

katie jane said...

Your painted/stitched flowers are always so beautiful. I'm so thrilled that I own some. I never tire of looking at them.
Can't wait to see what you might do with these. I've been stymied artistically lately. I love the papers you sent me, but I haven't thought of the BEST way to use them yet. It has to be the BEST way. I'll know it when it hits me.

Teresa said...

As always beautiful stuff. I haven't heard about any knitting going on in your world. But then if I could do what you do I might not be a knitter.
what happened to your side bars. I miss the pics of the kids, the Harley, etc.

ACey said...

This post certainly clarifies the glories of neocolors. Am also very inspired by your free motion skilz. I worked with the remnants of my son's 15 color neocolor tin until they were little tiny shards that had to be melted so I could wring the last bit of brilliance from them. I got the 40 crayon set last year because it was most affordable for me at the time and I didn't want to deprive myself of having the tool on hand while I saved up for a bigger set. Life has been a lot happier and more creatively fulflling ever since...


What a lovely post today Cathie, your work is so lovely, vibrant, colourful and inspiring. I haven't tried neocolour paints, I use silk paints on everything, so at some stage, finances permitting, I may need to get me some!!! Your free motion stitching is lovely and there really is only one way to master it and that's practice, practice, practice and one day it justs falls into place! Looks like you are there!! Thank you for showing us your beautiful work, Carolyn xx

3rdEyeMuse said...

*sighs* ... that's some serious yumminess you have happening there ... I LOVE the added stitches.

hmmm ... a bunch of cranes, setting agent, fabric, fish body, cat head, tiny paper squares, a mint tin ... and not enough hours in a given day!

favorite supply? eeek ... I can't pick just one. impossible ... I have a favorite pair of scissors, papers for this, papers for that, crochet hook(s), paints, brushes, etc. ... not good at picking just one.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You truely are a great artist!!!
I really love what you do and the colour combinations!
I hope, you weren't too disappointed or shocked, when you looked at my blogs and found that the stitching I did, was to remove the stiches that the dentist had left in my husband's mouth...!
Anyway, I have healthblog

and a more political blog

but also an art-blog

and as you saw others with lots of pictures.

would you be interested in a link-exchange?

greetings from Scandinavia, Sarah sofia

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful as always, Cathie!!! Your free motion stitching is just yummy and, man, are you egging me on to pull out my Neocolors...I can *color* too!!! Okay, haven't tried free-motion on my machine though yet...but I could try to do some fabric first. So you ironed on the HOTTEST setting to set the color...covered with parchment paper or a piece of cotton? That's it? Hmmmmmm...I just may have to surprise you and try this finally! Do I need to prewash the muslin first? Can I use Kona cotton or canvas?

My art table is a *Mess* at the moment...I'm looking at it as I write...dotee doll...sitting doll...beaded face...beads...fabric...embroidery thread...sketches...etc. I'd have to go to the dining room to lay out some fabric and Neo-color if I wanted too! Favorite...well, I can't just pick one...but considering I have more beads than I will ever use in my lifetime AND I keep on purchasing them...I'd have to say beads are really high on the list! LOL!!! I *LOVE* and *TREASURE* ALL my art and sewing supplies. I would never want to be without them...EVER! What is YOUR favorite art/sewing/painting supply?

Hope you are having a good day! Hugs from a gray and rainy day in Oregon! XOXO...~me

Lynn said...

I love your work!!! Are neocolors paints or sticks? Your thread painting/stitching is just fine. It's fun, I love doing it, and yes, the more you do the better you get! Keep playing with it.
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