Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Style Kindle & Nook Covers and TWO Commissioned Baby Quilts.....

It's been a busy few weeks in the studio!  Finally found  some time in the studio over the last few weeks - which is a good thing because I needed to finish up 5 special order Kindle & Nook Covers,  and  get started on TWO commissioned nautical baby quilts.  Both of which  are due the first week in April.

 I'm really excited about my new line of Kindle & Nook Covers - that are now in book format with a pocket inside and feature a one of a kind art square on the cover.  So cool. I have been working on creating a pattern that I liked with just the right amount of protection - without bulk squares are featured nicely on the tab.  I have been on a buying frenzy - searching out bold summery batiks and embellishments for these covers - to make them unique and special.  I have my K2 in one of them right now.  My K3 is in a leather cover chillin inside of one of my tooled leather look envelope covers.   Click HERE to see covers just listed.

What's on your worktable today?   Aside from my comissioned baby quilts - I have my Studio Journal on mine.   I had signed up for Sharon B's Studio Journal class and while I have read all of the Lessons cover to cover, organized the supplies and sketched out a few pages - I have not had any spare time to devote to the class until now.  Today I plan on working a bit on my journal in between rows of aqua marine patchwork!


Lynn said...

You are so clever, this "kindle cover" is terrific. What are you using for padding? Batting?

Hope we get to see the baby quilts too.

I'll be knitting I'm sure and not sure what all else but something may be with my necktie collection.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love the e-book covers! On my worktable today...lasagna and birthday cake! Charlie's birthday is tomorrow so I am spending a beautiful day inside cooking.

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