Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sail Away......

In a Sea
of Blue....

Once again I find myself surround by a sea of blues and greens - both nautical baby quilts - one a sailboat and one a whale.   I so love working on these nautical baby quilts.  The colors are gorgeous and I love working with homespun linens.  They are very "liquid" and have such a lovely hand to them. Nautical baby items are very in right now and I can't keep these in the shop. If interested,  you can click  here to see any that are available in my Etsy shop.

Quality  tools really make a difference when working in the studio.  I treasure (and so appreciate)  my "good" shears, sharp silk pins and super thin, durable european needles.  I really do. They make stitching such a pleasure.  I don't indulge in frivolous items very often - but as  afterthought -  I picked up this charming handmade pin cushion at the Mid-Atlantic. It's got a little needled sharpener on top made with an acorn cap and the body of the cushion is filled with some type of shaved and dried conifer bark - it smells so good.  It's constructed with upholstery scraps and is really very cute and durable.  I could have probably made something like this myself - but who's got the time. I also bought the little needle vile up in the top picture (yellow and blue) at that show.  Love that, too!  Also, very useful.

What's on your worktable today?  On mine - two baby quilts, three bookstyle Kindle Covers, two envelope style Kindle covers, my Sketchbook and some bits of hand dyed wool.  It should be a productive weekend!

Next weekend we are heading out for our first boating trip of the season to the Outer Banks - no matter what the weather.... we're going!   

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Julie Bagamary said...

Beautiful needle cushion.

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