Wednesday, September 19, 2012

City & Guilds...

I have finally received all of my City & Guilds materials as well as the textbooks.  I just finished leafing through this one by Val Holmes and it is fabulous!

I am looking forward to beginning my classes on Monday.  The plan next week is to get through at least 2 lessons and mix up a batch of indigo for some shibori dyeing and batiking.  This will be my first experience in actually cooking up my own indigo dye from natural pre-reduced indigo (not synthetic.)

I really need to get the rest of my cotton and linen dyed for Sabrina's college quilt so I can start sewing it.  I only have until January to finish it - and I've only got about 1/2 of the fabric dyed.

It has been one long, crazy summer here and with Autumn on the horizon, things should be
quieting down a bit - which I am truly, truly looking forward to.
I do love our adventures - but  I am so ready to stay put for a while and focus on home and get back to basics.

My workouts continued throughout the summer - but not with the regularity I would have liked due to surgeries and vacations. Accordingly, THAT is one thing that is going to get put on the front burner.   I miss my "set in stone" workout regime - so that is priority number 1.  Priority number 2...  While I have maintained the 19 pound weight loss I achieved over the last 8 months - I am going to get back on the Eat to Live road with a more narrowed-down focus on quality - replacing more still of the grains and meat with vegetables and legumes.  A change I've been wanting to make now - for a while.
I have a "pinterest" page dedicated to Eat to Live.  Also - I've read Fuhrman's book (Eat to Live) twice now.  I think I'll get it back out and read parts of it again.

THE REST OF THE WEEK: will be spent tying up some very loose ends with business and personal matters, and reorganizing schedules and priorities in preparation of upcoming goal setting and plans.  And if I happen to have a little time left over - maybe a quick run over to the ocean Sunday or Monday with Gizmo for some shell seeking and wave chasing.

Hey Gizmo..... "What Are You Drinking?"
I know that's not coffee.

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